Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday 15 Ideas House

{This is not my house}

Well, the holiday season is already upon us. A couple of weeks ago I went to visit Bachman’s Holiday Ideas House. Welcome to a little photo tour of it! A warning in advance that this is a very photo heavy post.

If you are interested in 'visiting' some of the previous Ideas Houses, they are just a click away: Spring 15, Holiday 14, Fall 14, Spring 14, Holiday 13, Fall 13, Spring 13, Holiday 12, Fall 12, Spring 12, Holiday 11, Summer 11, Spring 11 (the most popular one), Holiday 10 (the second most popular one), Summer 10, and Spring 10
In the dining room, a toboggan on the buffet table.

 Wall decor with bed spring, birch branches, and ornaments.
 In the living room, vintage drawer unit repurposed as sofa table.
 Here is the Christmas tree in the living room.
 Vintage wood rolling rack repurposed for wall shelving unit.
 Red decorative boxes and ornaments create Christmas tree above mantel.
 In the kitchen, wall stencil, ornaments, and wall mount houses create decorative wall storage. Antique drawer repurposed for kitchen storage.
 Vintage metal rolling unit serves as kitchen island.
 In the lower bathroom, decorative sled repurposed as toilet paper holder.
 Here is the Christmas tree in the guest bedroom.
 I loved all of the use of birch trees used throughout the house, here in the upper bathroom in the window "faith, hope, love."
 Here is the Christmas tree in the office.
 Here is the Christmas tree in the den.
 And here is the 'Christmas tree' in the master bedroom.
 In the master bedroom, antique ballroom mirror to create headboard.
 Outside decorations.

What was your favorite part?

PS I hope you get a chance to visit this Holiday 2015 Ideas House (there are so many more ideas to see than are in these photos) it is open November 5 - December 13, 2015.