Tuesday, November 4, 2014

STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream

STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
Photo (and graphic added) by Stacy
The one and only STYLO has released it’s third issue and it’s their ‘Golden’ edition. STYLO is the fashion forward sewing e-magazine for kids. It’s beautifully put together by the Editors in Chief Celina and Jess. For me the huge thing is that it shows the whole world that sewing children’s garments can be fashionable and fun!

All 217 pages of this issue are packed full of things to inspire you to create and I think it’s going to take me a couple of days to actually read through the whole thing!

Back in August when preparation started for issue three I grabbed by sewing friend Stacy as soon as possible to help me out. She not only has wicked sewing skills, but also amazing photography and photo editing skills. I definitely needed help with the photography in order to be up to par with STYLO! Stacy took all the photos that you see in STYLO for our Peaches and Cream and Grey Zone looks. (On page 4 where it lists all the contributors, that photo was actually Stacy’s photo even though it says it was by me and her). But not only that she also did all the photo editing, styling (she brought all of the props/accessories, the fans, the umbrellas, the sun glasses; she even braided my girl’s hair for the Peaches and Cream look!), and she pretty much ran all of the photo shoots. It was such a fun project, with the all the ideas and planning, sewing pattern and fabric advice, fabric shopping we did together, and then the photo shoots at a couple of fun locations.

Take a look at the STYLO no.3 Mood Board… fun right? The sequins, metallic items, and the pinks were inspiring and with using that inspiration this is my Peaches and Cream look that came to completion.

STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
 Here are all the details about my Peaches and Cream look...
STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
Heidi and Finn Ballet Sweater
Fabric: pink rayon knit, from SR Harris
Size: 6
This was the first time I ever used a walking foot (I recently bought a new sewing machine and it came with a walking foot) and look forward to using it again. Such a cute ballet wrap that I will for sure make again.
STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
Papillon et Mandarine Leon shorts
Fabric: beige wool, from SR Harris
Trim: copper sequin trim, from SR Harris
Notions: fabric covered buttons
Size: 6
I'm a huge fan of these bloomer style shorts with all those adorable buttons. I made a previous pair that you can see here.
STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
Oliver + S Playtime Tunic
Fabric: rose and gold brocade, from Michael Levine
Notions: awabi shell buttons, from Michael Levine
Size: 5
Modifications: I made it sleeveless, fully lined the bodice, eliminated the pockets, and the skirt is one long rectangle selvage to selvage. I also topstitched all around the armholes, neckline, and back bodice.
STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
 I did bring my camera to the photo shoot and did manage to take a few photos including this one. But as you can see Stacy's photos turned out so much better ~ thank goodness she took the photos! By the way you must go check out all the details about the Peaches and Cream look that Stacy created for her daughter.
STYLO no. 3 Peaches and Cream by nest full of eggs
Thanks to Michael Levine for providing some of the materials for this look. Use the coupon code 'Stylo10', which is good for 10% off your entire purchase.