Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall 14 Ideas House

Fall 14 Ideas House
 {This is not my house}  

Welcome to a little photo tour of the Bachman's Fall 14 Ideas House. If you enjoy all things related to Autumn, then this one’s for you!

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 Outside, clothing rack as lantern hanger
 In the front porch
 Chalkboard decals on mugs as place cards

 In the living room
 Stacked wood, votive candles, and mosaic bowls as fire place decor

 In the kitchen, vintage bookshelf used as kitchen organizers

 Colander and pot rack turned into a light fixture
 In the bathroom, river cane, peasant feathers, and pine cones as window decor
 In the walk-in closet, window shutter used as sunglass holder

 Breadboards and nails used as necklace holders
 In the tablescapes room, at the book club table, books as placemats, silverware wrapped with book pages
 Belts as curtain tie-backs
 In the garage, autumn wedding
 White pumpkin used as place card
 Birdcage as greeting card holder
 Windows and screens as photo holders
 I'll leave you with my favorite photo
What was your favorite part?

PS I hope you get a chance to visit this Fall 2014 Ideas House (there are so many more ideas to see than are in these photos) it is open September 11 - October 5, 2014. The Holiday 14 Ideas House is planned for November 6 - December 14, 2014.