Monday, December 23, 2013

Kid Tomte Outfit

 Here is a tomte outfit I created for my girl, it was originally posted at The Pickled Herring for the Scandinavian Christmas 2013 series. Are you familiar with what a tomte is? Tomte is the red Swedish Christmas elf, an elf to delight children.
 Project details:
Top: Oliver + S Playtime Tunic, size 5, red fleece

 Bottoms: Oliver + S Playtime Leggings, size 7, red and white striped 100% cotton jersey knit fabric

could also be worn with a red and white striped knit hat
 Instead of 3 buttons in the back of the tunic I added 2 sew-on snaps (I've become a huge fan of these sew-on snaps).
 Hat: long red fleece stocking cap, I created it by making 2 tall triangles, 11 inches wide on the bottom, 31 inches tall, with right sides together sew with .5 inch seam allowances, cut corner, trim seams and turn right side out, tuck under 5/8 inch and sew 3/8 inch for hemming the bottom of the hat

before wet felting
 Felted slippers: elf shoes (free knitting pattern) knitted with red wool yarn, then wet felted in hot water wash machine, then hot dryer (Ravelry notes found here)
after wet felting
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