Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weaving Rubber Band Bracelets

 The Rainbow Loom bracelet making craze has hit our home. At church the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders are making woven rubber band bracelets for a couple of weeks to donate them to a local charity.

This Let's go fly a kite's flickr photo caught my eye and it lead me to the Lil' Loom.

All that is needed to make a Lil' Loom is a wine cork and 2 push pins.
 Poke the 2 push pins next to each other into one side of the cork.
 I purchased these little Color Loops Weave Kits (which includes a little plastic crochet hook) for $1 each at a dollar store. A package of 300 rubber bands with some clips was $2 at a beauty store. And I picked up a stackable 7-day organizer for $5 at a drug store.
 We found that glass baby food jars make great storage containers for the different colors of rubber bands.

 We made an 'on the go' version for traveling on the school bus, in the car, because weaving rubber band bracelets can be done anywhere. The clear 'c' clips are stored in the clear compartment and the colored rubber bands are stored in the matching colored compartment, then we took larger rubber bands to wrap the Lil' Loom and mini plastic crochet hook around the stackable organizer.
After watching a video on YouTube, creating a fishtail rubber band bracelet is really quick and easy.
Happy rubber band bracelet making!