Thursday, May 16, 2013

Popover Sundresses

This was the first time I tried the Oliver+S Popover Sundress (free online pattern sizes 2-8). Once the fabric was cut out, it was a really quick sew up, just one hour. For those beginning to sew, this would make a great first dress sewing project.

I did French seams for the side seams, hoping to make them stronger as these are headed for Uganda and will most likely be washed on a rock in the river. Pillowcase dresses are being collected until May 31st for Project Yesu. I sewed 6 dresses total, most size 8, just one size 7. I wanted to sew the larger sizes. I had longer lenths of fabric (1 yard+) and wanted to maximize the number of bigger sized dresses as I could because I recently sewed a bunch of baby dresses for charity.

Happy weekend!