Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring 13 Ideas House

 {This is not my house}

Enjoy this photo visit to Bachman's Spring 2013 Ideas House, located in an historic (1920s) family home. It's such a wonderful destination for design inspiration. They completely repaint, refurnish and redecorate the house with creative ideas in home décor and entertaining, using their signature mix of vintage and new pieces.

Why did this Ideas House even start, you may ask? Back in 2010 Bachman's celebrated 125 years in business and for their anniversary they opened the Ideas House with the intention of having it only for 2010, but it was such a success that they have continued it ever since. The only change is that they used to have a Summer one, but dropped it due to lack of attendance. They continue to still have the Ideas House for Spring, Fall and Holiday.

Feel free to visit some of the previous ones: Spring 10, Summer 10, Holiday 10, Spring 11, Summer 11, Holiday 11, Spring 12, Fall 12, and Holiday 12.

Spring is my favorite season and here are my most-loved things from the Spring 13 Ideas House...

On the porch: Miniature trellis with ribbon as place card holder in mug with embellished garden rocks as favors
 Faucet wall hooks as curtain rod holders
 In the living room: water fountain used in fireplace, coffee table unit built of 6X6 cedar posts at different levels with decorative tiles
 Vintage cubbie unit as sofa table and magazine holder
 In the sunroom: birdcages turned into miniature garden planter
 Vintage trough used as a miniature garden planter, yellow watering can turned into a miniature fairy house, tree fort made of metal tray and assorted objects
 Vintage round suitcase turned into a miniature fairy house
 In the dining room: salvaged iron panel spray-painted layered on top of vintage wallpaper as wall art
 Paintable wallpaper used as table runner
 In the kitchen: aluminum mesh panels line interior of chandelier
 Shelves above the stove
 Vintage shelving unit next to oven
 Metal rack as hanging herb planter hanging in window
 In the master bedroom: area rug as headboard
 In the girls bedroom: flowers as headboard, light pendants made from hanging vases and metal baskets
 Salvaged picket fence, grapevine, and permanent floral stems as window valances
 In the event coordinator workshop: sachet in a ceramic swan as a party favor, wire birdcage stand as serving piece, vases filled with sand as candlestick holder, bracelet as napkin ring
 Silicone muffin cups as miniature planters
 In the event coordinator office: chandelier made of layered twig baskets
 Decorative notepad paper, plexiglass and molding turned into giant wall calendar
 Coat racks used as window valances
 Birdcage turned into a planter
 Salvaged porch posts affixed to wall and greeting cards hung from line between posts as wall art
 Nests full of eggs in a glass jar !

The Spring 13 Ideas House is open until April 28th, 2013. The Fall 13 Ideas House will be September 12th - October 6th, 2013 and the Holiday 13 Ideas House will be November 7th - December 15th, 2013.