Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall 12 Ideas House

  {this is not my house}

Are you ready for another tour of the Bachman's Ideas House? If you'd like, you can visit some from the past: Spring 10, Summer 10, Holiday 10, Spring 11, Summer 11, Holiday 11, and Spring 12.

I had never been to a Fall one yet, so you are in for a real treat today! If you have ever been to the Bachman's Ideas House in the past or seen some of my blog posts that offer photo tours, you know there are 4 rooms upstairs. They've featured those rooms decorated as: Master bedroom, girls bedroom, boys bedroom, then the 4th room is a craft, office, or media room. Well this time they had a nursery and a dog room which is so clever wait until you see that!

This house was built in the early 1920's and for Fall 2012 it was decorated with a a palette of muted fall colors, layering on bright and bold graphic accents for a young and trendy home that is focused on celebrating the season with friends and family. Nearly every item is priced for sale.... enjoy the photo tour...

On the porch, beer tap/keg holder made from old trunk.
 In the living room, Optometrist table as wine bar.

 Shelving unit made from salvaged metal and wood.
 Conveyor belt as coffee table.
 In the dining room, outdoor lanterns turned into table lamps.

 In the kitchen, metal rolling cart as wall shelf, salvaged metal stand as center island.
 In the stairwell, assorted cabinet doors as wall art.

In the office, crates as wall unit and magnet board.

 In the bathroom, bark panel wallpaper.
 In the nursery, mobile made from branch and origami birds.
 Stickers on mirrors as word art.
 Bird wall art made from nails and colored yarn.
 Changing table made from a buffet, cloth diapers used as organization pockets.

 In the dog room...
 Dog beds made from an upside-down table and an old chair.

 Dog bone chandelier.
 On the dog porch... dog bone shaped pool.
 Doggy cabana.
 Outdoors... wall flowers made from burlap wreaths, wheat and honeysuckle vine.
 Tires lined with burlap as planters.
 In the clubhouse...
 Hanging loveseat made from tires.

 I hope you get a chance to visit this Fall 2012 Ideas House (there are so many more ideas to see than are in these photos), it's open until October 7th, 2012. And if you cannot make it to Minneapolis, Minnesota to tour the house in person, I hope you can get some inspiration from this photo tour.

PS Holiday 2012 Ideas House will be November 8 - December 16, 2012.