Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rabbit with Prunes

 {Gluten-Free Holidays}

When I was living in France (1999-2001) a French friend showed me how to cook this (I still have my hand written notes).

Here we served it with brown rice couscous making it a fancy gluten-free dinner.

 Rabbit with Prunes
(serves 5-6 people)

What you need:
1 rabbit without head or blood
200 g lardons (or cut up bacon)
2 onions (or 1 onion if you don't like onions)
500 g prunes
1 chicken bouillon cube (or 1 cup chicken broth)
2 carrots cut
1/3 bottle average red wine
30 g olive oil
pepper, salt, thyme, bay leaves

 What you do:
In a Le Creuset pot (Dutch oven) or large stock pot on low heat on stove
:: melt butter in pot
:: cut onions into pieces (cubes)
:: put lardons & onions in pot until they change to a golden brown color (20-30 minutes)
:: cut 2 carrots
:: remove lardons & onions from pot
:: cut rabbit into about 6-8 pieces & put in pot, grill each side
:: put rabbit, lardons, onions, chicken broth, red wine, carrots, pepper, salt, olive oil, thyme, bay leaves in pot, cover with a little opening with a wooden spoon handle for 45-60 minutes low burner
:: add prunes for 15 minutes
:: at the very end add some corn starch so the watery juices become a gravy

:: you can add mushrooms, if you'd like
:: can serve with: beans (like green lima beans), pasta (flat noodles), or peas & carrots cooked with the juices from the rabbit
Bon appétit !

Happy Gluten-Free Holidays !!!