Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wool felt & fleece flower headband

{kids clothes week}

:: I had leftovers of mustard yellow wool felt & gray fleece from the Abby Jacket I sewed, so I decided to make a matching flower headband

:: I had this mustard yellow elastic (approximately 16 inches) I think it came from a box of chocolates ?  not sure... the gray button was from my stash

:: to make one...

:: cut out circles in various sizes, I used some circle paper punches for a few, none of the circles are perfect, I made 4 circles from the mustard yellow wool felt & 1 from the gray fleece

:: snip into each circle all around (something similar to a fringe) to add some texture, then stack up the circles & place a coordinating button on top

:: zig-zag the ends of the elastic together, twice

:: take some coordinating embroidery floss & sew the flower onto the elastic (if you want you can sew it over the spot where you zig-zag stitched the elastic together that way the zig-zag stitch won't show giving it a more polished look)

:: voila, you're done... you don't need to worry about fraying since wool felt & fleece don't fray :)

:: making a headband like this was so simple, I don't know why I hadn't made one before, but will keep this in mind when I have leftovers from future sewing projects

:: next on the list for kids clothes week ?  flannel pajama pants...