Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baptism traditions

 a little bit of happy news :)

thank you Faith & Family magazine for sharing our Baptism traditions in your Spring 2011 issue !
 in the article on pages 81-83 i share the French traditions we have done for our children's Baptisms & the sewing & paper crafting items i created for my daughter's Baptism.
i thought i would take the opportunity now to share some more photos & details...
i used Simplicity pattern 5813 to sew my daughter's Baptismal gown...
 the fabric came from my wedding gown, only part of the bottom of the dress was used.
 a simple style, but very sentimental. i do have to say that newborn babies sure have very thin arms ~ it was a challenge to sew these teeny tiny sleeves !
this was the paper cake i made for my daughter's Baptism reception ~ each of the 21 slices of cake were filled with candy (Starbursts, Tootsie Rolls), it served as both a decoration and party favors for the children who attended. for more info about the rubber stamp set & colors of the cardstock & ink i used go here (FYI - i also made paper cakes for Easter & as an Advent calendar)
if you would like to make a paper cake check out this paper cake tutorial with template or if you'd like to buy one premade, this etsy shop has sold some
 i made cards that served as both a birth announcement & a Baptism invitation for all my children, this is the one that i made for my daughter, 50 of them actually, for more info on the rubber stamp sets & colors of the cardstock & inks that i used go here
 a French tradition is to have party favors called dragees (Jordon almonds), these Martial dragees were from Jeff de Bruges in Paris
 & here is what it looked like after it was all put together
& the last French tradition i'm going to share with you are the medals of a saint or angel given to the baby, these have the child's name & birth date engraved on the back. these are from France, but you can find something similar in the US

it's interesting that i posted about our Baptism traditions today as it was 15 years ago today that my French husband & i got married :)

PS next up, i will be taking part in the Spring Kids Clothes Week, should be fun :)