Wednesday, March 17, 2010

vintage swap

i received these lovely vintage goodies from Kyndale who blogs @ earthy crunchy.
this was for the Vintage Swap Winter 2010 organized by Heather who blogs @ Shivaya Naturals.
i sent Kydale some 1970's orange kitchen items, she blogged about it here.

so with these lovely vintage sheets i have plans to sew a wonderful beach blanket/quilt, something like this, using bamboo batting i already bought. beach season starts June 11th, so i have a few months to sew it. i need some time to muster up the courage to cut into those lovely vintage sheets ! i will have to think of something special to make out of the super sweet matching vintage pillowcases, i'll have to look through the Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Pillowcases book. the crochet doily will make a wonderful addition to my crochet doily obsession, i mean collection - oh, how i love crochet doilies ! i look forward to reading the How to sew for Children book, it's from 1966 !!! what treasures ! thanks so much Kyndale !

as you can see some of the above photos were taken outside & we are so enjoying this sunny & spring-like weather :)